Dear Interested Reader

My name is Eva Bozo, and I was born in Budapest, Hungary.

I learned to knit at an early age by watching my mother who noticed my interest and taught me the basics of the art.
Since then I have learned a lot and fell in love with experimenting, designing and making my own creations.
My aim is to create clothes that can be worn by all age groups and, for that purpose, I use thin needles to make them tight rather than see-through and loose.

This process requires many hours of work (often 80 to 100 hours for a size 38 – 40 piece) but the result can be stunning.

You can see some of my samples in the display section. The type of yarn, color, and size of needles can vary according to the wishes and taste of the customer. I also accept orders for ‘Kalocsa-style’ embroidery on client’s existing dresses as long as they are in good condition.

I sincerely hope that you will like my designs.